MAKING IT book, print & slip cover

MAKING IT book, print & slip cover


SPECIAL EDITION book includes a choice of 8.5 x 11 print and comes in a chipboard slip cover hand-silkscreened.


SEATTLE AFTER NIRVANA:  A photographic memoir inside the scene 1992-2009

A story about the passion to create, and the experience of MAKING IT.


From 1992 to 2009, I was a working photographer during a wave of Seattle music. The people I photographed were my friends and colleagues. No one was famous, but we were all striving toward "MAKING IT."


My goal is to create a book that juxtaposes beauty, art, and rock’n roll. I want to tell a story about the Seattle music scene and my experiences as a female photographer. Where did it all start? The joining of my love of music and photography. I want to use portraits, snap-shots, documentary images, personal ephemera, and stories to create a tactile book with visual prominence and an undercurrent about people's passion for their dreams. The book will embody the story of what "MAKING IT" looks like in its celluloid reality.