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08/30/2023 Sunshady Days Exhibition

AN/T Gallery: Saturday & Sunday only - Sep 2nd - 3rd all day at Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival


A 50 year photographic retrospective of Bumbershoot Curated by Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW)

PCNW is thrilled to be partnering with Bumbershoot to present a crowd-sourced photography exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Bumbershoot Festival told through the lens of the audience. Occupying the AN/T gallery at Seattle Center Sunshade Days will embrace five decades of art, music, fashion and community that has made Bumbershoot so vital to our region's cultural landscape.

Get Tickets at

I will have 4 images represented in the exhibition.

Below is the crowd waiting for Modest Mouse to come on stage after Sonic Youth, 2002.

If your interested in any work representing Bumbershoots 50th anniversary please contact Photo Center NW.

If you want to see more of my fine art go to or contact me for a studio appointment.

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