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Medium: Archival pigment print on Canson fine art paper

Features: signature and edition on the back


Please get in touch with me for a custom size, ready-to-hang, or unique piece.


Friends & Family, please contact me.


* Small 8x10 prints are starter prints for new collectors.

* Collector Art pieces are unique images with stacks, cuts, sewing, or artist handwork added to the image.  Edition 1 in each size +2AP.

* Prints are signed, titled, edition, and dated on the back.

* Certificate of authenticity on request.

* Framing and delivery estimate on request for larger prints.

* All images do not come in large and XL sizes or as unique.

* Once an edition sells out, no more images will be printed in that size.

* As an edition starts to sell out, prices can go up.

* AP stands for Artist Proof

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